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Sejong Culture and Tourism Foundation

Sejong Culture and Tourism Foundation, “Lighting Up Every Day With Art”

Making Culture Bloom

The Sejong Culture and Tourism Foundation, established on November 29, 2016, is the only culture and arts administrative organization in Sejong City. Upholding King Sejong’s philosophy of “enjoyment with the people,” we are striving to achieve our vision of “Blue Sejong 2030: Seojong, the City of Culture that Remains Young Through Art.” Powered by our love for culture and art and our outstanding administrative capabilities, we are working to provide citizens with even more opportunities to enjoy culture and art. We thank all of you Sejong citizens for your love and interest and ask that you join us, the Sejong Culture and Tourism Foundation, on our new journey!


  • Nov. 2016Sejong Cultural Foundation established (4 teams)
  • Jan. 2017Designated the Sejong Arts & Culture Education Support Center
  • Dec. 2018Winner of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award
  • Feb. 2019Selected as an Institution for Training Regional Culture Experts
  • Dec. 2019Winner of the Chairman’s Award of Arts Council Korea
  • Mar. 2020Opening of the Park Yeon Cultural Center
  • Nov. 2020Opening of the Performing Art Practice Space
  • Dec. 2020Opening of Sejong Creative Center, NuriRock
  • Jul. 2021Reorganized into 2 departments, 1 division, and 13 teams
  • Mar. 2022Opening of the Sejong Arts Center

The logo of the Sejong Cultural Foundation depicts the Korean letters of the foundation’s name, and the forms are arranged together in an organic way to reflect the idea of people gathering together and enjoying themselves.

Nurturing Culture

  • We support the artistic activities of local artists.

    We support local artists and organizations so that they may strengthen their creative capabilities and continue their artistic activities.
  • We provide reliable creative spaces.

    We support artists by providing performance halls, practice spaces, and art galleries of various sizes so that they can continue with their artistic activities.
  • We train people who will be active in the field.

    We operate culture expert training and art guide training programs for people interested in culture and arts planning.
  • We host cultural events for all Sejong residents.

    With sponsorships from private companies, we host culture and arts events where businesses, artists, and Sejong residents can come together.

Enjoying Culture

  • Art education for all

    We provide diverse and differentiated art education programs that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • Community culture where every day becomes art

    We are creating a Sejong City where daily life becomes art.
  • Planning quality performances and exhibitions

    We plan concerts that resonate with the heart, plays that are bursting with life, exhibitions that bring happiness, and other quality events.
  • Resolving cultural gaps between regions

    We plan visiting performances and lectures to bridge the cultural gaps between the townships, counties, and downtown areas of Sejong City.

Cultivating Culture

  • Park Yeon Cultural Center

    The Park Yeon Cultural Center is a complex cultural space for use by both artists and citizens that houses the: Sejong Cultural Foundation; Sejong Human Resources & Lifelong Education Development Foundation; Korea National Institute for the Gifted in Arts; and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Education Center.
  • Sejong Arts Center

    The Sejong Arts Center, currently under construction and slated for opening in April 2022, will be a large-scale theater with 1,062 seats where audiences will be able to enjoy operas, musicals, concerts, and other high-quality performances.
  • Sejong Culture & Arts Center

    The Sejong Culture & Arts Center, opened in October 2000 and consisting of an 842-seat performance hall and a 295 m2 exhibition hall, has long served as a representative cultural complex of Sejong City.
  • Sejong Creative Center, NuriRock

    Located on the 2nd basement floor of the Park Yeon Cultural Center, Sejong Creative Center provides diverse spaces for creating music including a 182-seat performance hall, two studios, band practice rooms, and other creative rooms.
  • BRT Small Museum

    The BRT Small Museum is a cultural area that has turned an underused bus transit stop into a small art museum, with new exhibitions every month, to give citizens even more opportunities to enjoy culture and art.
  • Performing Art Practice Space

    Designed to provide the optimal practice environment for local artists to produce various works representing a broad range of art genres, this facility consists of numerous large, small, and medium-sized practice rooms.